Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance – Is it for you?

Let’s face it, “life” doesn’t always cooperate with your decision to be more “spiritual” in your daily life or business does it?

“knowing” how to be more spiritual conceptually, isn’t the same thing as “Knowing” how to be more spiritual experientially.

This is because seeing the “essence” of something isn’t the same thing as seeing the “appearance” of something.

Take for example any plant in the forest. Can you simply look at it and know its “essence”? Can you tell just by its appearance whether it’s healthy or poisonous to you without any previous knowledge or experience with plants?

The same goes for people.

If human beings had the ability to just look at everyone they met and know whether that person was going to lie, cheat, steal, criticize, blame, abuse, or mistreat them in some way, no one would ever be betrayed or fooled again.

They would know how to discern truth (essence) from falsehood (appearance) just by looking at it.

The fact is we’ve all had some degree of trouble discerning truth vs. falsehood and being spiritual is no different.

So how does one gain the ability to be more discerning and determine the true essence of spiritual principles and practices and how that will affect your results?

The same way you’ve been learning your whole life; by experience.

This is why having a guide who has walked the same path before you can make your spiritual journey a lot easier and enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter what level you think you are at with your spiritual growth, there is always someone further along the path than you and their experiences are golden opportunities for you to know the essence of what’s coming for you.

A guide can say… “hey look out… there is a sharp stick on your left be sure to duck or make sure to take the right fork in the road instead of the left because it’s a bumpy path down that way.”

Here are some specific benefits of receiving spiritual guidance when you are unsure how to proceed…
  • Avoid being fooled by your own or others’ “spiritual ego”
  • Discern truth from falsehood by travelling a well-worn path.
  • Align with equality – a spiritual guide is the same as you, they just went first.
  • Discover the essence of the “ego” vs. the essence of “spirit’ and how to tell the difference.
  • Receive a non-attached perspective on your situation when you are unable to.
  • Uncover false teachings, confusing and dogmatic spiritual principles so you can stop wasting time.
  • Align with the essence of peace, love and happiness and watch it transform your experiences.
  • Understand the difference between “knowing” and “Knowing”.
  • Learn what it takes to raise your own consciousness from someone who has and continues to do so.
  • Reveal the differences between the intellectual paradigm and the spiritual paradigm.
  • Truly align your daily thoughts and feelings with actions in life or business with your spirit.

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