Spiritual Healing

In need of some Spiritual First aid?

“Healing” and recovery whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual is something that we all experience in varying degrees at some point in our lives.

Although we often experience these different aspects of ourselves as separate from each other they are in fact all parts of our greater whole.

Modern science has even started embracing this idea as study after study confirms that the mind has a tremendous effect on the body’s ability to heal.

Meditation, Qigong, Yoga, stress relief practices have all be shown to enhance and accelerate modern treatment and recovery methods.

Other more unexplainable healing phenomenon such as the placebo effect, contrary methods healing the same conditions and lost-cause miraculous healings are all providing more and more evidence that there is more “healing” than meets the eye.

In the same way that the mind has a tremendous effect on the body, the spirit also has a tremendous effect on the body and the mind for healing.

Spiritual Healing involves raising one’s consciousness (how one views the situation and the world) in the healing process.

No doubt, how you are seeing things is already affecting how you are thinking and feeling about any “dis” ease you may be experiencing.

By aligning all aspects of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually into a unified or “whole” “holistic” approach to healing, you have access to a greater field of energy and possibility.

The mind is a greater energy field than the body and this is why it has such a powerful effect on the body.

The spirit is a greater energy field than both the mind and the body and thus has the ability to heal where methods in the other cannot.

The beginning of the spiritual energy field begins with Love and by bringing one’s consciousness to an awareness of what it means to love oneself one gains the ability to heal oneself.