Spiritual Meditation

Joseph is highly skilled at both meditation and guided meditation.

With over 20 years of experience, he has a very strong understanding of altered states from both the scientific and metaphysical viewpoints. Through his own meditative journeys and practices, he has mapped out precisely how to access the higher-self state. Joseph is offering this FREE guided meditation called Spiritual Awareness (18:27) as a gift from his “I’ll Take You There” guided meditation series (available from One Spirit Personal Development), so that you may experience the effectiveness of his methods for yourself and connect freely with your higher self anytime you wish.

Other titles in the “I’ll Take You There” Meditation series are:

  1. Attracting Prosperity (18:27)
  2. Higher Communication (17:29)
  3. Magnetizing your Master Mind (18:27)
  4. Centering and Balancing (18:27)

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