Spiritual Qigong

Qigong is an ancient spiritual and healing practice originating in China from 2696–2598 BCE. Qi translates to “life force energy” and gong translates to “skill with” “so Qigong literally means “Skill with life force energy” .

To practice qigong is to gain skill with life force energy.

There are many styles and applications of qigong from the basis of many modern martial arts like Tai Chi and Kung Fu to strictly healing and spiritual styles.

The style that I teach is a unique combination of Wuji Qigong, Aikido, Moving Meditation & Neuro Linguistic Programming (Kinesthetic Modality Mastery)

Beginner Sessions are $75.00/ session (5 movements per session)
Level II Qigong- is $100.00/session ( various internal healing meditations)

Sessions are 1 – 2 hours at the discretion of the instructor.